About Troya Leather

How it all started;

I can say that the adventure of Troya Leather started in my childhood when I was watching my leather craftsman grandfather. This gorgeous and talented old man was working with great care and producing spectacular products. A piece of leather was transformed into a beautiful work of art with a magic touch. I continue to keep a few of the products made by this leather craftsman who has inspired me.

Watching this talented man gave me an irresistible passion to design and produce new products. In my youth and ongoing years, it was inevitable to design and make leather goods for me. After my university and MBA education, I had the opportunity to ground my talent with 20 years of design and production experience. At present, I continue to make professionally lovely products including bespoke and personalised.

In Troya Leather we act with the vision of creating perfection at every stage of the process from drawing board to final product. You can find perfection only on objects with love and maximum attention to every detail of the creation process. We are always committed to delivering the most luxurious, most elegant and best products.

We are making in style leather products for our exclusive customers. We prefer the highest quality leather available on the market in our products. We use traditional handicraft production techniques and prefer timeless designs.

When you view our collection, you will find a product that you can use in love for many years and leave a heritage to your grandchildren.…